Norse Mythology book sales finally started!

Hello! Since the Kickstarter backers finally started to receive their pledged levels from the Norse Mythology Kickstarter campaign, I’m opening sales at the official website So now finally you can purchase the Norse Mythology products (Book, Clam shell case, Limited edition sketchbook, Portfolio with 10 prints, High quality 24×18 inches prints…) I’ve added 7 special […]

The great meeting in Croatia!

Hello, While you are eagerly waiting for your copies of the book – which many of you got tracking numbers already, a wonderful meeting happened this week in Zagreb, Croatia. Jon Schindehette and me were among guests speakers at IFCC (Independent Festival of Creative Communication), which was held 28th May – 02nd June.   Why […]

Taa-daaam! One ton of mythology!

Hello, I’m very proud and thrilled to make this wonderful update: THE NORSE MYTHOLOGY BOOKS FINALLY ARRIVED IN CROATIA!!!   I’m very excited, and I want to share my thrill with you! The books are here now! One ton of books, prints, cases and other material! Yes, you heard it right 1000 kilograms of paper […]

Black and white commissions

Hello, I would like to share with you some thoughts and insights of pledged b/w commissions that were part of Kickstarter campaign. As you all know, those rewards were designed for the campaign, and offer the backers something they won’t find in the original Norse Mythology art book: black and white drawings. That’s my second […]

Second round of the Norse Mythology proofs

Directly from the printers in China, and in just 3 days (this time – via DHL!). So what to say? The changes were made, there are just few new small changes that need to be done, but this time I’ll finally approve it (with changes), cause everything else is perfect! The big 24×18 prints looks […]

“…IT’S ALIVE!” The story about the proofs

This day finally came, and I’m super excited to share this with you: I finally received the proofs of the Norse Mythology art book! And I’m speechless. They look AMAZING!     After this whole 3 weeks long detective story with finding the missing shipment, which suddenly just appeared after we already lost hope, it’s […]

Some finished pledged Norse Mythology Kickstarter commissions

Hello, During the KickstarTHOR campaign there were some pledges including b/w commissions. And there were 3 sizes: 11×8 in, 12×9 in, and 17×11 in. Here are listed first 7 pieces done for the backers who pledged original commissions. There will be a lot more to come! Enjoy!     1.) Geri, Freki, Hugin and Munin: […]

The last illustration for the Norse Mythology art book is finished!

Great news – the very last full color artwork for the Norse Mythology art book is finished! It’s “Vikings Lore” © Milivoj Ćeran 2017. – 55 x 40 cm (21,6 x 15,7 inches) – ecoline, acrylic and airbrush on paper – original artwork is for sale: $1400 + shipping, unframed If you’d like to purchase […]