I would like to share with you some thoughts and insights of pledged b/w commissions that were part of Kickstarter campaign.

As you all know, those rewards were designed for the campaign, and offer the backers something they won’t find in the original Norse Mythology art book: black and white drawings. That’s my second passion in art, after vibrant color paintings. I love to make old school b/w inked drawings that resembling a bit to the Golden Age illustrations. I was fascinated with b/w works of Franklin Booth, Howard Pyle, Harold Foster to name a few, and many other artists from the first part of 20th century. And this was my chance to take a new spin on the Norse Mythology subject and make unique vision in very limited medium.

So, it started as an idea to make commissions/drawings, but it evolved into something more. I decided that all illustrations should have Viking knotwork and borders, although it’s more time-consuming. And it attracted a lot of people. I’ve posted a lot of WIP shots and finished commissions on my Instagram page, and was surprised that those images got the most likes! My #2017bestnine were just those commissions! Check the Instagram profile on this link: https://www.instagram.com/mceran.art/


I’ve got also a lot of interest and requests about buying those artworks, so the next big idea emerged – to make a book with all 40+ commissions in one volume!

The making of those b/w artworks is a side-process, and therefore is slow, plus a lot of people still wait to receive the rough sketches before making final b/w commission. But believe me, every commission I make it will worth every single dime spent!

Of course – first thing first, we need to finally release long anticipated Norse Mythology Art Book, which was THE reason all other things and products happened (prints, sketchbook, calendar etc).

The book is in the final stage of production. That means as you read this now, your books have been printed, dryed, embossed, on their way to be bound, and then on their way to be approved by me (can’t wait!!!). After I approve all items, they will be sorted, packed and sent on the long journey from China to US and Croatia.

So I’ll give you insight now in first part of so far finished commissions, and few rough sketches that need to be executed in ink, all in one place for the first time. Enjoy!

best regards, Milivoj ─ćeran

08. Jan 2018.