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Odin, Vili and Ve create 9 viking worlds

Another full page illustration for the Norse Mythology art book is finished. It’s “Odin, Vili and Ve create 9 viking worlds” © Milivoj Ćeran 2017. – 60 x 50 cm (23,6 x 19,7 inches) – ecoline and watercolor on paper (montval 300 gsm) Three gods -Odin, Vili and Ve killed giant Ymir, and create all…

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Sneak peek of the Limited Edition Sketchbook

Here is sneak preview of a few pages from the Norse Mythology Limited Edition Sketchbook. The sketchbook is one of unlocked stretch goals from the KickstarTHOR! campaign. This 32 pages 9×7.4 inches sketchbook will contains drawing, sketches, unused sketches and norse knotworks from the Norse Mythology art book. Some wip photos from the studio during…

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